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Holistic Healthy Eating Coaching

The Holistic Healthy Eating Coaching service provides both education and conversation surrounding your personal journey and relationship with food. Guiding you while you transition to a healthier eating lifestyle, ideally by using plant based whole foods as the anchor, is the ultimate goal of our Holistic Healthy Eating Coach.

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More about Holistic Healthy Eating Coaching Services

Get In Touch – Consultation Expand answer
  • A free phone call, Skype or face-to-face consultation where your coach learns more about you, your relationship to food, and how your coach can help support you.
  • You will have a chance to ask questions and understand what to expect from the process.
  • Fee: Free
Initial Session Expand answer
  • You will:
    • Do a deep-dive into your relationship to food and body image, your dieting and weight history and your current eating patterns.
    • Examine the five-day food diary that you received during your Get in Touch session, and discuss your goals.
    • Leave the session with a clear understanding of what success in this process means for you.
    • 75 minutes
    • Fee: $75
Ongoing Support Expand answer

Healing your food and body issues is deep, brave and oftentimes scary work. Packaged-based options are available to provide time to work through these issues.

The ideal plan is ten, one-hour sessions, typically two times per month for five months. The exact schedule is up to the client and coach. Packages have a six-month expiration date. During these sessions you will learn practical skills such as:

  • How to complete a kitchen cleanup
  • How to read food labels, grocery shop and order-out
  • Learn the basics of plant-based cooking
  • Gain an understanding of why a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle is the best for human health
  • Learn how to realistically incorporate the program into your lifestyle
  • Fee: $430
  • Single session option: Offers a less-comprehensive alternative to schedule single sessions with the coach to address targeted areas of challenge and change. Single sessions are $45 each.