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Specialty Classes

Specialty classes at the University Fitness Center take a holistic approach to physical activity. In many classes, participants can expect progressive learning and skill building over a multi-week session. Specialty classes are open to all who are eligible for Fitness Center membership, however current membership is not required so non-members are welcome.

Our “try before you buy” option gives you the opportunity to experience a live class to see if the program is right for you without obligation or pressure to enroll. Pricing for specialty classes is either paid in advance (payment has been received by the close of business the day prior to the start of the first class) or paid the day of (payment is received the day the class starts, provided there is space permitting). Some classes may offer pay-as-you-go pricing.

For more information please refer to our specialty class policy.

The University Fitness Center is closed until further notice. Information on future classes will be posted when available.

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