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Member Handbook

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Rules and Policies

Cell Phones Expand answer

Cell phone use is permitted within the facility, but is restricted in certain areas.

  • For privacy reasons, cell phones are not to be used anywhere in the Fitness Center locker rooms.
  • Cell phones may be taken into the primary activity areas (cardio room, weight room, studios, and multi-purpose room), however conversations are prohibited in these spaces including use of Bluetooth or hands-free.
  • All conversations and outgoing calls should occur outside of the primary activity areas (eg: the lobby or main corridors).
  • For safety reasons text messaging while using the cardiovascular equipment is not recommended. In the weight room please do not sit on the equipment while text messaging.
  • For the courtesy of other members please wear headphones while watching or listening to audio devices including cell phones, tablets, or laptops.
Dress Code Expand answer

Members and guests who violate the dress code policy must change their attire or leave the facility.


  • While using the Fitness Center, members are required to dress in good taste. T-shirts or tank tops are required and must cover full torso and back. Short shorts are not allowed.
  • Members are not allowed to wear scrub tops or bottoms in Fitness Center activity areas. This is consistent with the intent of the campus Uniform and Scrub Suit Policy (A-42 HAM) and has been endorsed by the Infection Control Committee.


  • For your safety we require athletic footwear. Bare feet, sandals–including open toed shoes–or heels are not permitted.
  • Only non-marking shoes are permitted on the Fitness Center courts, class studios, and the gymnasium.
Equipment Expand answer


  • Orientations are strongly recommended and are available to all new members in order to acquaint them to the facility and provide instruction on proper use of the exercise equipment. Orientation updates are also available upon request.
  • Orientations are required for all physician-referred members.

Equipment use

  • There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment.
  • Please wipe equipment after use. For your convenience, there are gym wipes located for use in the cardiovascular room and the weight room.
  • In the weight room, please be courteous of other members by re-racking your weights after use, and allowing other members to work-in on equipment.
Guests Expand answer

Current University Fitness Center members are allowed to bring a maximum of two guests, per visit, to the facility under the following provisions:

  • The member and guest(s) must check-in at the front desk together. Check-in includes the payment of a non-refundable guest fee and the guest’s review and completion of a liability waiver. Fitness Center members are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and risk their membership privileges as a result of inappropriate guest behavior.
  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Guests will be required to show a valid form of identification.
  • Guest passes are valid for same day use only and do not cover specialty class fees.
  • Individuals who are not employed by the University Fitness Center are not permitted to conduct training sessions at this facility.
  • Current facility members may purchase a short-term membership for a visiting family member who is residing in the Fitness Center member’s home during their stay. The fee is $30, is non-renewable and valid for one month only. The minimum age is 18 years old. Based on medical history a physician clearance and facility orientation may be required

View information about our special access options for campus guests.

Gymnasium Expand answer
  • A gymnasium schedule is located in the glass case just outside the gymnasium.
  • Activities described as “pick-up” are for all facility members, and are played on the full court, unless otherwise specified, and/or at the discretion of the staff on duty.
  • The gymnasium may be scheduled for specific events. A written request must be submitted describing the nature and duration of the activity, the participants, dates and times. Consistent with departmental policies for use of the facility, requests are considered on an individual basis. A fee may be charged.
  • When events are scheduled for the gymnasium, all individuals who are not participating in the scheduled event must leave the court so the event can start on time.
  • University Fitness Center rules apply to league play. Failure to adhere to these rules could lead to suspension and/or termination of the league and jeopardize the membership of individuals involved.
  • Please ask staff about the use of any gymnasium equipment (eg: volleyball standards and nets).
Locker Rooms Expand answer

The University Fitness Center has two sets of locker room facilities available for use.

  • Locker keys are distributed at the front desk.
  • Lockers are for day use only. No overnight storage is allowed, except for members who are part of the Locker Rental Program.
  • Locker rooms are full-service with showers and private changing stalls.
  • For privacy reasons, cell phones are not to be used anywhere in the facility locker rooms.

Current University Fitness Center members have the option of combining their membership with a locker rental in the facility’s rear locker room.

Locker Rental Eligibility

The locker rental program is for individuals enrolled as long term members. Individuals with short term memberships and specialty class participants are not eligible for this program.

Payment Options

Locker rentals will be processed based on your current payment cycle: direct pay or payroll deduction.

Direct Pay:

  • $15.00 – Quarterly
  • $60.00 – Annually

Payroll Deduction:

  • $2.31 – Bi-Weekly
  • $5.00 – Monthly

Renewals and Terminations

Direct pay members will be notified one week after their rental expiry with a reminder to renew their rental agreement. If a renewal is not initiated within one week from the notification, the agreement will be considered terminated. The locker will be cleaned out by the UFC staff and the contents will be retained for a period of one month. After the one-month period, all belongings will be discarded.

Individuals terminating payroll agreements are expected to empty their locker and return their assigned key immediately upon termination.

Lost or Unreturned Keys

Renters are responsible for their issued locker key. A $25 “lost key” fee will be assessed for all lost or unreturned keys.

NOTE: Abuse of lockers or violation of the above rules can result in the loss of locker rental privileges and membership access.

Member Check-in Expand answer
  • A University Fitness Center membership card is required at check-in. Campus personnel may use their campus identification card.
  • A key tag may be purchased or replaced for $5.
  • Digital photos will be captured for our club profile to verify identification.
Parking Expand answer

University Fitness Center parking areas are intended to serve members and guests while they are in our facility. Campus personnel are advised not to park in these areas in lieu of their assigned campus spaces. Violators may be ticketed or towed.

Racquetball and Squash Courts Expand answer
  • To guarantee availability, courts should be scheduled in advance with the front desk.
  • Courts may be reserved in one hour time blocks up to one week in advance.
Refunds Expand answer
  • As a general rule, the Fitness Center does not issue refunds.
  • In the case of an injury, we will work with your treating physician or physical therapist to maintain an appropriate activity program. It is rare that an injury completely limits a person’s ability to exercise, and because the facility offers a wide variety of exercise options, we usually find a way to continue a safe program and minimize deconditioning that may accompany your injury.
  • Annual memberships may be terminated at any time. The unused portion of the membership will be refunded in full from the point of the termination notification; however, a $25 service fee will be applied.
Hours of Operation Expand answer

Current hours of operation:

  • Monday – Friday: 5 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m.- noon

Contact the University Fitness Center Expand answer

Penn State University Fitness Center
500 University Drive, HS 97
Hershey, PA 17033

Phone: 717-531-7075